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    My first straight side Coca-Cola, how to date it?

    Bought my first straight side Coca-Cola and it is from Canada. Is there any way to approximately date this piece? I read somewhere the best assumption is 1908-1915? It is a nice sapphire blue color, not the best condition but still nice. Are these listed in Porter's book?
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    Nice find! I would say very much at the late end of that timeframe since it is machine-made. My guess would be 1912-1918 or so.

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    Thatsa nice! Same mold and color as my first one, too! Mine was from Macon, Ga. I bought mine as a teenager 45 years ago at the old Bonaire flea market for $7.50 from the late Jesse Frost, who worked for the state measuring the accuracy of gas pumps, even before the Interstate was built, so you can imagine the soda collection he accumulated, rare, painted label examples from all over the nation that travellers exchanged as a bottle deposit on their way through Georgia on their way to Florida. He built a sizeable building behind his home that had row after row of shelves, filled floor to ceiling with crown top sodas. I've never seen another sight like it since.
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    Check this out:


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