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    What is this: Vintage 8 Sided Glass Bottle Polar Bear Sunrise Water 8" Tall

    Hello everyone. I have this bottle and zero information about it. It's 8" tall, 8 sided, 2.5" front to back, 4.75" wide. Embossed on one side is a polar bear with water and a sunrise behind him, and icicles outline an irregular space for a label. On the other side, icicles outline another label space. The top is threaded. The bottom is marked with an odd capital 'B' which appears to have 3 serifs, or to be a 3 combined with a B. There is also the number 8.

    I'd like to know what product this bottle contained, who made it and when, and what it might be worth. And I thank you in advance for any information you can provide!
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    The odd captial 'B' oddly looks like a Bugatti (car) symbol

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    Wow, it does. I wonder if there's any connection.

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    Anyone? Still need help. Please?

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    Never seen one of these before but my guess is that it's an orange juice bottle. Never seen that glass mark either, what country are you in?

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    USA. The bottle came from an antique store here in Pawnee, Oklahoma.

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    It might be a refrigerator bottle for water.


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