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    Barn Find - Bottles from 40s, 50s, 60s?

    First, I am new. I hope it is okay for something like this to be my first post. This seemed like the best forum to find out information on what I found this weekend. Basically looking to see if any of the bottles have any value before I sell them locally for a few dollars each. Most of them are local bottling companies (IA, MO, IL). I have not cleaned any up yet but just thought I would do some checking before cleaning. Due to the number of pictures, I have put them in a Google folder:

    What I have found so far:
    I think most of them are from the Late 40s, 50s, or early 60s.
    I know location may influence value but have not found much about local bottles
    Pepsi bottles from:
    • Oskaloosa, IA
    • Burlington, IA
    • Memphis, MO/Keokuk, IA
    • Cedar Rapids, IA
    • Des Moines, IA
    • Brookfield, MO
    • Double Dot from Cleveland, Ohio (I know this has a little more value)

    Coke bottles from:
    • Ottumwa, IA
    • Atlanta, GA
    • Beaver, P
    • Sedalia, MO

    Several other local company bottles as shown in the pictures. Any other information or idea if something has value is greatly appreciated(or if any local people need one of these bottles to complete their set). Most of them seem to have great prints and just need cleaned out or up. Thank you.

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    Nice bottles. The barn protected them very well. Better than finding them outdoors. I don't see anything super rare there but they are all worthy of selling for at least $10.00 a piece. The earlier ACL's are worth more.

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    Thank you for the feedback. I will probably give these a couple more days on here just to see if someone needs one that I have for their collection then try to sell them locally. Thanks again.

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    there is a lot of different stuff there some is common , others I'm not familiar with and could be more uncommon , usually the coke and pepsi's aren't worth much and typically only a local collector would pay more for a bottle from there specific area

    its interesting how bottles from so many different places ended up in a barn in Iowa I'm assuming

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    Yes, Iowa. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taaf03 View Post
    Yes, Iowa. Thanks for the feedback.
    In your heading you mentioned paper label bottle(s) but I didn't see any in the pictures provided. Do any of the bottles have paper labels? I am always interested in paper label bottles.

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    Sorry, no paper labels.

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    take care cleaning the hillbilly mountain dews with names on them.also the indian head & any picture bottles. they are probably the most valuable bottles you pictured.

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