Looking to buy these bottles from these towns below. PM me if you have any that you would like to sell.


  • Starr Brothers - Mystic, Conn
  • H.N Wheeler Druggist (or Pharmacist) - Mystic River, Conn.
  • J. Gray & Sons - Mystic Bridge, Conn.
  • Waterman's Pharmacy - Mystic Bridge, Conn.
  • F.M. Manning Druggist - Mystic Bridge Conn.
  • Aceton Medical Co. Mystic, Conn.


  • Alexander Taylor Pure Horseradish Mystic, Conn.
  • Albert O. Neff Mystic, Conn. (crown top beer)

Milks (Must have town):

  • S.S. Lamb
  • Mystic Valley Creamery Co.
  • Z.W. Watrous
  • Giles S. Chapman & Sons
  • Avery Dairy Farms
  • William J. Loftus/Loftus Milk

  • Smith J. Aborn Druggist Groton, Conn
  • All embossed milks from Groton besides R. D. Brown


Medicines/Druggists (Must have town):
  • W. M. Hill
  • Palmer's Drug Store
  • O.E. Miner & Son

Old Mystic:

  • William D. Beckwith (Label only)

Milks (Must have town):

  • L.S. Williams & Sons
  • E. W. Brown
  • Riverhead Farms