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    wanted St. Augustine bottle

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I am looking for a bottle from the late 1800's from St. Augustine Fla. The bottle is similar to the usual Saratoga mineral water bottles, and exists in various shades of olive green glass. It is embossed Ponce DeLeon Springs/Water/St. Augustine, Fla. It has a smooth base. Also embossed is a Monogram of letters appearing on the front of the bottle. I know a couple of these bottles have turned up lately and I would like to give one of them a new home. Also interested in any strap sided flasks from Fla. Thanks for reading this, I look forward to a response. Thanks, Robin (three eight six, eight zero four, fifty five ten)

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    You should check the shop across from the fort. I know a few years back they had some really nice local bottles. Haven’t been there in 2-3 years but might be worth a call or visit if you’re close


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