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    new digger collection

    Just started digging, this is a weekend of digging with my wife and son in New Mexico
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20191107_200314.jpg   20191107_190406.jpg   20191107_194532.jpg   20191107_194546.jpg   20191107_202208.jpg  

    20191107_202232.jpg   20191107_200438.jpg   20191107_200907.jpg   20191107_193704.jpg   20191107_193026.jpg  

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    I've never found a Barq's root beer bottle here , its only been sold in Canada in recent years and mostly only comes in a can

    the acl paint on yours is in reasonably good condition although I'd imagine its common in your area

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    That first bottle is Interesting. Good Color on those ACL Soda's. Let me know if you find any old rust beer cans, I collect those. Good Luck. LEON.

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    i'll keep my eye open for beer cans


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