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    Seeking Rhode Island Dairy bottles

    I am looking for any old Rhode Island milk and dairy bottles - and am especially interested in old milk bottles or related items from the old Federal Dairy Company in Providence, RI, which my wife's granfather founded. I'm from Warwick, and can pick them up at your convenience. Thank you!

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    RE: Seeking Rhode Island Dairy bottles

    Sorry, but I don't have any I'm willing to sell right now, but will let you know if I find one I want to sell. I've dug an embossed Rhode Island State College and a Lindenwood Dairy, Usquepaugh, RI milk. Also a Consumer's Dairy blue pyro pint with a nice design. If you have any RI milks from the North/South Kingstown area, I would be interested.

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    RE: Seeking Rhode Island Dairy bottles

    Treasure, I have a dozen or so RI milks, I am more into the old medicines Possibly a trade? I had a ton but there is a guy in RI writing a book on local milks. I traded him 20 local milks for indian arrowheads. The ones I have remaining are mostly Providence. I have one Warwick teaser that you would love but unfortunatly my wife took claim and I could not pry it out from her fingers if I trried... it is a Conimicut Dairy she is from Conimicut. The other guy tried with a GOOD offer she said NAHHH

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    Hello, I am. new here but when I was searching for information on the Lindenwood dairy farm one guy had purchased a Lindenwood dairy milk bottle.
    I am the great grandson of John G. Daniels.
    Born on February 6, 1919, to the late John H. and Mary (Fallon) Daniels, she spent many happy years growing up on the family farm (Lindenwood Dairy) in Usquepaugh, Rhode Island. Dorothy was one of the first women in Rhode Island to obtain a pasteurization license. She then attended Bryant College on a 4H scholarship. Dorothy met her future husband, Lionel, while making deliveries for the dairy when Lionel and his brothers came down from Maine to clear the debris left by the Great Hurricane of 1938.
    if you can keep a look out and let me know if you find any of these. I have the caps for these milk bottles.


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