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  1. Jacob Rupert - Tooled Crown Amber Beer

    Jacob Rupert - Tooled Crown Amber Beer

    Interesting piece of US history. Rupert opened the brewery in 1913 in Manhattan. He later bought the Yankees in 1915 and opened Yankee Stadium in 1923. He employed some of the biggest legends of baseball including Babe Ruth. Hall of fame induction in 2013. And it all started with this beer.
  2. b.ecollects

    Pisos Cure Bottles w/ photocopy of a Pisos ad

    I'm pretty sure the amber pisos bottle is a more recent one. The green one is shorter than the amber one and the seam on the amber one goes all the way up to the top of the lip, while as the green one only goes up to halfway up the neck. The bore on the amber bottle is smaller than the green...
  3. UnderMiner

    Skull and Crossbones Poison

    My first and only Skull and Crossbones poison. Tincture of Iodine from the first half of the 20th century. Rubber stopper and glass rod applicator still within. Found in the fall of 2021.
  4. Skull and Crossbones Poison

    Skull and Crossbones Poison

    This is an early-mid 20th century Tincture of Iodine bottle. As you can see it features the titular skull and crossbones that once instilled fear in all those who saw it. Found in fall of 2021.
  5. WesternPA-collector

    1949 Altoona Curve Beer Bottle

    While searching this site, I was surprised to find out there's no Altoona Curve beer bottles on here. So here's my bottle from 1949. On the base it has " 5 / 8576 / 49 / 5. / [ anchor over H logo ] " . Made at the old Anchor Hocking plant 5 in South Connellsville, PA. This should probably still...
  6. PorkDaSnork

    Finds of the day

    Cold (for August) and windy today. Ideal conditions for dump digging. No bugs. Don’t overheat myself. Went digging. 4 new bottles. 2 are the same, both are small and are embossed with CONTENTS: 2 FL OZ in them. Found em next to each other. Then I pulled a small “P.D & Co” Amber bottle with...
  7. WesternPA-collector

    1970 Overmyer Mould Company Flask

    Recently I bought this very unique and rare 1970 50th Anniversary Overmyer Mould Company bottle. It was made for them by the Hillsboro Glass Company in Illinois. The factory existed from 1961-1997. They were actually a subsidiary of Hiram Walker & Sons Distilleries and for this reason, most...
  8. WesternPA-collector

    1974 Anchor Hocking Retirement Bottle (43 Years)

    I recently acquired this bottle that was made in 1974 at the Anchor Hocking Lancaster, Ohio plant, given to the late Ralph Newkirk for 43 years of service. It is extremely rare and I cannot find another example of it. Note the 3D look of the bottle and the interesting scene with a man working...
  9. WesternPA-collector

    My smallest bottle I've ever found

    Today while walking around in an old bottle dump near a creek, I found this little piece. Most everything in that area ends up being broken. I guess this one survived simply because it is so small. It's 2" tall and 1 3/8" wide. On the bottom there is 68 with an F under the numbers. Any ideas on...
  10. WesternPA-collector

    Amber Coke in 1950's?

    I was wondering whether amber Coke bottles were actually produced in the 1950's. There's a person on Ebay selling some from various years and they have not disclosed whether it's an irradiated bottle or not. Seems a little fishy to me.
  11. M

    Can anyone tell me anything about this maker mark?

    Hello, I am an archaeologist working on a saloon project that dates from 1890-1915. One of the bases we recovered has what appears to be two figures with hats and canes leaning against a square (possibly a crest?) that has some detail on the interior topped by a crown (See attached photo). I...
  12. WesternPA-collector

    Coke in a creek

    On Friday I went to check out a local spot that was a bottle dump many years ago, and is known for mostly only producing shard fragments of bottles when I look there. I hoped that recent high waters from two tropical storm remnants might wash out a few intact bottles but wasn't expecting much...
  13. N

    WTS THE ECLIPSE amber jar

    Found this jar. After getting help from others on this site, I believe it to be a wax sealing jar missing it's lid and bail. The lip may be a tooling flaw as it is smooth to the touch. There are several bubbles in the glass. Two that are large: 1-1/8"x 2/8" oval, and one 1-1/4" x 1' that...
  14. WesternPA-collector

    ID on a stubby beer bottle?

    Hello everyone. Today I need some help on a stubby beer bottle I found on a recent hunt. So far I know it was made by Brockway Glass in Zanesville, Ohio in 1976. But I am not sure what beer company the embossed lion emblem represents. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your help.
  15. WesternPA-collector

    Old Overholt Bottle, recent purchase (with question)

    Recently I was able to find this gem online at a price below market value. The condition of it is immaculate and I was surprised it has no scratches and all the labels are on it. Usually the label saying how old it is, tends to disappear. The only thing that would have been better is if the tax...
  16. 1

    New Decatur Alabama , Amber Straight side Coca Cola Bottle on Ebay

    Hello , I'm new here ,, I was wondering on an opion of an Amber Straight side New Decatur Shoulder script Bottle for sale on EBay !! from what I understand they are quite rare ,, and that one looks in nice shape with no cracks ,, they are asking $450 obo ,, and wondered if it was worth it or...
  17. C

    Mt. Carbon Brewery One Quart Amber Beer Bottle, need info and value please

    I found this bottle in a creek near Worton, MD. It appears to be an amber champagne beer bottle, made by the Reed Glass Company. The body reads Mt. Carbon Brewery, which was a well-known coal area PA brewery. The bottom reads MT. CARBON BREWERY POTTSVILLE, PA and ONE QUART. There is the Reed...
  18. macjxl

    Looking to buy colored milk bottles

    Hi all. I'm collecting Amber & Green embossed milk bottles. Keen to hear from anyone with items that might fit my collection. No irradiated bottles or pyro's thanks.

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