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  1. b.ecollects

    WTS Here are some of my bottles for sale.

    Delete if not allowed. Hello. Last post that I'll be making here. I'm taking it upon myself to post the bottles I have up on ebay. Not every bottle I have is up there yet, but I'm slowly posting more every day. All prices are negotiable.
  2. b.ecollects

    WTS Bottle collection

    Hey all. I'm looking to sell my collection. It's a mix of Canadian & American bottles and a few in between. I have sodas, beer and liquor, apothecary, milk and a few other types. Please message me if you're interested in a particular bottle on in a few bottles. Also, don't be afraid to ask for...
  3. b.ecollects

    WTS Selling my collection

    It's a sad day, but I am selling my bottle collection, as I don't have the room to keep collecting and paying the bills is more important. I have: Soda and glass water bottles Beer and old liquor bottles 4 water/soda seltzer bottles Some poisons Apothecary bottles Milk bottles and more...
  4. G

    Selling Large Collection

    I recently acquired a large collection consisting of 100's of very nice antique bottles that I am beginning to sell on ebay. I am not an expert by any means and my passion has been antique beer cans so I will probably sell 99% of the bottles. The bottles are packed in several boxes so as I get...

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