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  1. b.ecollects

    WTS Bottle collection

    Hey all. I'm looking to sell my collection. It's a mix of Canadian & American bottles and a few in between. I have sodas, beer and liquor, apothecary, milk and a few other types. Please message me if you're interested in a particular bottle on in a few bottles. Also, don't be afraid to ask for...
  2. b.ecollects

    WTS Selling my collection

    It's a sad day, but I am selling my bottle collection, as I don't have the room to keep collecting and paying the bills is more important. I have: Soda and glass water bottles Beer and old liquor bottles 4 water/soda seltzer bottles Some poisons Apothecary bottles Milk bottles and more...
  3. G

    Selling Large Collection

    I recently acquired a large collection consisting of 100's of very nice antique bottles that I am beginning to sell on ebay. I am not an expert by any means and my passion has been antique beer cans so I will probably sell 99% of the bottles. The bottles are packed in several boxes so as I get...

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