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aqua glass

  1. WesternPA-collector

    Rare 1975 64 ounce Coca Cola Bottle

    I just got this today at a great price. It was made by Anchor Hocking in South Connellsville, PA for only a short amount of time because of high cost of production and the weight of the bottle. It is almost three pounds and is 13 inches tall. I wish I could find the cap that goes with it.
  2. OutsideAgent

    R H Groves Blandford Slight Aqua/Green Bottle

    I have this bottle & trying to find some information on it... I'm not sure if it's a chemists bottle or possibly a drinks bottle. It has been found within the UK. Not sure if it should be placed in Pre 1900s or After 1900s. Measures approx. 13cm x 5cm x 3cm Seems to have an M type symbol...

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