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  1. D

    Ball wire close jar error identification

    Hey all! First post- I seem to get most the answers I’m looking for through previous threads! I have an order in for the red book- it’s still not arrived and I can’t be patient enough to find out more about this jar Any information/ situational history on it? Is it an error jar? The photos...

    Any ideas on this Ball jar?

    Bought this jar at a thrift, it looked slick at first then I noticed Ball embossed at the very bottom before taper. Embossed very small. Does anyone have a clue what it might be? I have googled hours on end with no luck.
  3. Beshires1

    Help with Ball Product/Packer Jars

    I have found at a very old house site that ceased to exist by 1947 till the latest 1952, a small Jar dump that I have pulled some ascended "A" Blue, Ball Mason Jars. I also have pulled several questionable quart Product Jars. The product jars are Ball and H over A (Atlas Hazel) logo on the...
  4. N

    Found this unique Ball script 3l dropped a. Test jar?

    Hi All, I came across this Ball blue 6 3/4" shoulder seal quart embossed Ball script dropped a with 3l loop. It has a smooth lip (diameter 2 1/2") with 3 interrupted screw threads and odd tool like band just under the shoulder. It also looks like the top was applied at the shoulder? The base...

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