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  1. S

    Ball Perfect Mason Bottle Inside a Metal Thermos-Like Container

    Hello. I have what looks like a metal "thermos". (I am using the term "thermos" generically as I don't think this is a branded "Thermos" item.) However, instead of having a double walled glass insert, there is a Ball Perfect Mason jar inside the metal. In addition to the embossed lettering...
  2. L

    Ball Pitcher Error

    Hello, New to the group here and I was hoping to get any information on what I have (pictures below). My grandfather was a plant manager at a ball glass facility in PA in the early 70s and saved this. It is a 1/2 gallon (approximately) wide mouth pitcher, but the spout is on the same side as...
  3. Hestia

    Odd 2oz Ball jar anyone?

    I found this guy under my house. It’s an odd size and also has odd threading pattern on its lip. I know they can be dated by the different “Ball” logo styles, but it’s juuust a little too small to clearly see it.
  4. N

    Found old Canning Jars. What is age, value, want to sell

    Found these canning jars in an old metal trash can - no kidding!- when cleaning out my Mom's place. Any idea of age & value would be appreciated as we are interested in selling them. What's the deal with this Crown jar w/o a Crown symbol? Any info would be appreciated. The history has been fun...
  5. F

    Information on small 2 inch glass inserts

    Hello, Recently, I was out metal detecting and discovered a milk glass jar lid insert unlike any I've seen before, and I'm having trouble finding anything out about it, what it was used for, what time period it may have been used, etc. It's a 2 inch glass insert, still with part of the...
  6. DavidW

    Is this Ball Perfect Mason pint jar, "SCA" or "NUKED"?

    I am posting this for someone else......calling all BALL PERFECT MASON specialists and this a case of SCA (naturally darkened by the sun) or a case of Irradiation? (I say nuked, but not a serious collector of these).... The owner says the color is much fainter (closer to...
  7. M

    Please help! Ball Mason's N Patent Nov 30th 1858 1/2 gallon

    Hello everybody. I am new to this forum, and I have discovered that it is full of information! Anyway, I got this jar from an estate that I had access to, and I was wondering if anybody has any info on it. I have searched and searched but I can't really find anything on it. It says Ball Mason's...

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