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blob soda

  1. DavidW

    Lancaster Glass Works NY blob soda bottles

    Hi all, I bought an aqua example of this bottle at a show recently and (as always happens) it piqued my curiosity for more detailed information, so.... just wanted to post a query on the soda bottles marked "LANCASTER GLASS WORKS / N.Y." with the "XX" markings. I know they are found in aqua...
  2. B

    New Bottle show finds

    On Saturday a new Bottle show was held in Ancaster in conjunction with the Ancaster Nostalgia show. Great show with about 20 bottle dealers. Lots of great stuff to be had. The first bottle I bought was a blob top squat soda, J. Eves 1862 from Toronto. Paid 45.$ The next was a Warner Safe Cure...

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