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blob top

  1. K

    Weiler Pine Bluff blob top

    Looking for information on this bottle. I was given a price of $350. Is it worth it or more than what is being asked? I can’t find any more like it to compare to
  2. B

    Picked up six great bottles in a trade.

    Picked up six great bottles in a trade last night. Up for trade was a bottle I picked up earlier this year and there is a post about it. Pott's Pop Works from Clinton CW. What I received in return was 1. James Walsh,Toronto with a Beaver and Crown trademark. Very nice condition with the...
  3. B

    Three nteresting bottles

    Hello everybody. I was wondering if anyone has any information on these bottles I dug up. This one I'm more asking if anyone's ever seen. I can't find any info on Charles and Co anywhere, but I have seen a cylindrical whiskey bottle bearing their name for sale online. I haven't been able...

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