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bottle auction

  1. I

    Very sad green tinted Coke bottle broke 1916 through 1924

    What a fail I found this in my creek it was very sad I will display it next to a Coke bottle from the year 1978
  2. L

    Carl Worner "Missing Man" saloon motif - mid 1800s

    I just listed my very interesting piece for sale in Ebay. I want a real collector to end up with it and display and enjoy it! You should be able to go and find it, my username is Laurenimb1. It's on auction, ending 7/4/19. Any other ideas are welcome! I didn't know what to do with it. I...
  3. V

    New Bottle Auction

    http://vonkellman.hibid.com/catalog/83009/antique-bottle-and-glass--victorian-era-through-mid-century/?sortOrder=2 Previews available. Fast, safe shipping. Many lots available (over 100) and many more on the way! Soda bottles, wine bottles, whiskey bottles, beer bottles, and much more. Many...

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