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  1. b.ecollects

    Found a few bottles with a bottle book!

    I picked these up at the antique store today. The aqua bottle says on the face "P.A.Spongberg Rockford ILLS". The second bottle says on the face: "Contents Made By Miller, Becker & Co. M.B & Co Registered. Cleveland, Ohio". On the bottom of the amber bottle, it says: "Bottle Not To Be Sold...
  2. WesternPA-collector

    Anchor Hocking Bottle Book

    I just picked up this Anchor Hocking Commemorative Bottles book on Ebay at a great price. Lots of color photo examples of bottles in it, including info about the Royal Ruby Red series. I call it a dream book, though I do own some of the bottles in it. There's even price estimates on the bottles.
  3. K

    1876 Wholesale Druggists' Catalog by Geo. A. Kelly & Co/B.A. Fahnestock & Co

    Hi all, I wanted to share a recently found treasure with you, my fellow collectors, who I'm sure would appreciate the value and history combined in this unbelievably nice little 134 page booklet I acquired this past weekend! I didn't know where exactly to post this in the forum, as I am into a...

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