1. D

    Dr.J C Bogue bottle with no coca cola inscription

    My drink bottle is embossed with the following on one side: Dr. J. C. Bogue Sherman Texas Registered the other side says: this bottle not to be resold the bottom says: Sherman There are many bottles with the same inscriptions plus the Coca Cola advertisement on the web but i have not seen one...
  2. O

    Stiegel American Flint bottle - Original or reproduction?

    Hi, I am in the UK and bought this bottle at the weekend. After researching it, I came to the conclusion it is a Stiegel bottle but can anyone tell me if it is original or a reproduction. If a reproduction, when was it made and by whom? Many thanks. Oli
  3. J

    New Rochelle Beverage Co Inc bottle

    Found this bottle while metal detecting this morning. Can not find any information on the internet about this company. Was wondering if someone here could help identify the age? I hope I am doing this correctly. Newbie here.
  4. B

    Help Identify this Bottle please!!

    What is it/was it used for? What's the crest? Is it valuable? I'm thinking some sort of old Crown Royal bottle(due to the crest) but I'm probably off base.. Any help is appreciated!
  5. D

    irregular dark amethyst screw-top bottle

    Hello all, I have a strange bottle I can't identify. It is a very dark amethyst, which you can really only see when you shine a light through it. The entire bottle has an irregular, rough surface, except for a smooth part in the center where I'm sure a label went, but the label is long since...
  6. C

    Paper Label RC Cola Bottle

    Hey guys! I finally found the discussion about the oldest acl RC bottles and thought I'd share my Paper label RC Cola debaussed bottle I bought ages ago off of ebay for a cool $19.99. While I honestly have reason to doubt its age as its in relatively good condition (save for a little stain on...
  7. B

    First post! Can't find much on this pepsi bottle. LGW. COBLE . PROPERTY OF PEPSI COLA

    Hi All, I just got this pepsi bottle. I am having trouble finding much info on it. It says "COBLE" on the neck, PROPERTY OF PEPSI COLA accross the bottom. The bottom stamp is as below. 1 LGW 12 OZS There is no stylized pattern on it really, all block letters. The only thing I have seen is...
  8. D

    Wilson's Dry Ginger Ale - Sealed

    I'm not sure where else to post this to get information. I found this in my grandfather's basement, just wondering what it is/ what its worth if anything, thanks. There aren't any special markings on the glass other than the company name and it's still full of whatever the drink inside has become.
  9. Tombstone Brick

    What drives your passion?

    What makes bottle collecting fun for you? What was your first " trophy" ?
  10. D

    May 29 river dive find Open Pontil Curtis Syrup in flint ! Yay!

    Hello all - Been diving a bit lately. Posting stuff regularly on my blog (theDowneastDigger) as well. I did have one dive this week with some good bottles. I was down deep in some grainy sand, digging at the bottom of a river, and dug this nice pontil. I could feel right away, even though...
  11. Tombstone Brick

    Bottle Fever

    Anyone know what that is? Anyone ever have it?
  12. D

    BANG! Soda Bottle Mystery... anyone have any ideas please?

    BANG! Soda Bottle? Ever hear of it??????? :boom: This is a mystery to us... will very much appreciate any comments. I've scoured the internet for pictures, information about this vintage bottle with no luck at all. No images, no Bang! soda, no nothing. The bottom says "Duraglas" and I...
  13. B

    What is this Canada Dry bottle?

    I never saw one of this type of Canada dry bottle and I didn't find anything about it on the internet. Can you guys help me? Its a 10 fluid oz bottle. What is the age of the bottle? What is its value? Why is it different from the other Canada dry bottles? Thank you in advance.:)
  14. L

    First use of "hobble skirt" to describe Coca-Cola bottles?

    Does anyone have any idea/source for when the term "hobble skirt" was first used to describe Coca-Cola bottles? We're doing a local challenge asking how the Wright Brothers are connected to the design of Coke bottles, and I'm writing up the answer now. Did the public call them that, or is it...
  15. S

    Need help "biplane bottle"

    I'm hoping someone can help me identify this bottle I dug recently. It is about 12" tall and is oblong. On the bottom is embossed NO.15 BIPLANE PATENT APPLIED FOR. I can find no info on it anywhere. It comes from a site dating from 1870-1915 based on other bottles and relics found. I'm guessing...

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