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  1. b.ecollects

    Looking for an appraiser to value my bottle collection.

    Hi. I am looking for an appraiser in the Muskoka region of Ontario to give an estimate on my bottle collection. Any recommendations are welcome.
  2. b.ecollects

    Heres my collection so far.

    Here's my full collection so far. If a particular bottle catches your eye, please let me know and I can tell you more about it.
  3. PorkDaSnork

    The finds of one dump I’ve been working on for many years.

    Pic one and 2 are embossed Pic 3 is blank bottles. Pics 4 and 5 are metal and plaster bottles. Metal 2 are shaving stIcks, larger plaster bottle is cheese, smaller plaster is blank. have also found a multitude of items including a Diamond Jubilee pin from 1927, a spoon, a knife, a toy...
  4. G

    Box of many old, dirty, bottles

    My wife and I were at a church flea market today, and in the middle of all the usual stuff was a cardboard box filled with obviously old, very, very, dirty bottles. Some of them still had dirt, as in soil, encrusted on them, while others looked like they might have been sitting in a barn for the...

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