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  1. Lbrewer42

    Newly acquired - Bushwick Glass Works only known maker's-marked style of bottle

    I am a researcher of Brookfield Glass Company. The technical name until the early 190s was the Bushwick Glass Works located in New York City. But since William Brookfield, the owner, was such a prominent figure in the city, newspaper articles of the day etc. use Brookfield Glass Works and...
  2. Slabbing N Cabbing

    My collection so far.. for sale

    Hello my name is Nicholas. I am fascinated with vintage glass from North America. Here is my collection of insulators, that I gathered in the last couple months. Please let me know if you want one of these more than I.. they are for sale. Please message me if interested. Thanks.
  3. brookfield 145

    brookfield 145

    the dome of the ghost BB 145
  4. Brookfield 145 ghosted BB

    Brookfield 145 ghosted BB

    Brookfield CD 145 with BB on front and back
  5. Brookfield New York Insulator  (2).JPG

    Brookfield New York Insulator (2).JPG

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