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  1. UnderMiner

    Skull & Crossbones Poison, Huge Clay Marble Hoard, etc. (June 22, 2023)

    Dug all this today: Tooled Tincture of Iodine bottle: Clay marble hoard. There were 34 clay marbles, three glass marbles, and several particularly round acorns and chestnuts (which I can only assume were used as marble substitutes by an ingenious child) Digging the marble hoard:
  2. UnderMiner

    1 Pt. Stoneware Jugs, Clay Pipe, Clay Marbles, etc. (June 15th 2023)

    Scored a number of firsts today down at the 1924-capped landfill. Found my first complete 1 Pt. whiskey jug and then a second even nicer 1 Pt. whiskey jug. Found my first 19th century clay pipe bowl fragment, stamped: "Dublin Pipe No. 1". Scored this huge clay marble, a shooter, as well...
  3. D

    Help Identifying Clay Bottle Closure

    Hello, While on vacation, I found this in Lake Ontario on the Canadian side where the water had eroded the bank. (In or around Niagara-on-the-Lake.) It appears to be a clay stopper of some sort. It's 2" in diameter with a 3/4" threaded hole. There's still amber glass in the threads. Any...

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