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  1. H

    cleaning mold inside bottles

    I have some very small bottles that are soda bottles, about 6 1/2" high. The name on the bottle is "Tiny Jumbo". The hole at the top of the bottle is very small, about 5/8" diameter. Many of the bottles appear to have mold in the bottom. Can anyone give me safe suggestions for removing the...
  2. G

    Box of many old, dirty, bottles

    My wife and I were at a church flea market today, and in the middle of all the usual stuff was a cardboard box filled with obviously old, very, very, dirty bottles. Some of them still had dirt, as in soil, encrusted on them, while others looked like they might have been sitting in a barn for the...
  3. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Cleaning gunk from the river

    Hello, I am new to this forum but I have been collecting for about 7 years now. The majority of people here tend to dig for their bottles, I snorkel for them in the Charles River. I have always had an issue with a black scale-like substance covering the outside and inside of bottles I fish out...
  4. WesternPA-collector

    Bleach safe for ACL bottles?

    I was wondering if it is safe to soak or apply bleach to ACL bottles with white lettering that has dirt on it. Since it is so strong I didn't know if it would break down the paint or not. Thanks for any help.
  5. S

    Good Ole' Bottles

    I sent a couple of bottles to Cindy for cleaning back around April. Got a couple of updates by email a few months afterwards. Since August I've heard nothing and had no answers to emails and phone calls. Anyone having similar problems? I'd really like my bottles back :) Duncan.
  6. L

    New to this Forum and need help

    Good afternoon. I just purchased a tote full of antique and vintage glass bottles at a garage sale. There must be about 100 or more bottles. I really know nothing about these bottles and just beginning to do some research. My first question is, I am not sure if I should wash them in soapy...
  7. M

    Bought a Bottle Business - Need Help!

    Hey everyone, I am new to this, and after reading the title, you might think "damn, you must mean you need mental help" because yes, I bought a bottle business with little to no knowledge of the industry haha. Anyway, I have over 2,000 bottles in inventory, including whiskeys, sodas, inks...

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