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  1. Carpenter

    Is the Coca Cola Bottle Checklist Dead?

    I have been emailing addresses that are supposed to gain access to this rumored publication and I have received no replies. It isn't available on ebay (didn't think that was even possible), and it is not on Amazon. Any secret sites that sell this thing?
  2. G

    Coca Cola bottles from Lowell, Mass.

    I have two hobble skirt bottles. One has the numbers 55-75, the other has numbers that look like 63-27 (the 27 is clear). Neither have a patent number. Both have Lowell Mass on the base with an L in the middle. I would love to know the age and value of these bottles found in the Pawtucket...
  3. E

    Original 1988 (??) full Holiday Coca Cola Bottles (6) in original cardboard container!

    Hey! Just wanted to share my latest find with everyone! I was helping to clean out an old house and found these "hiding" away tucked out of sight on the corner floor of the attic! The house is historic 1800s! Hopefully, I'll find more "hidden" treasures. I think I know that these are...
  4. Antiques214

    Hard to Find Coca Cola Straight Side Bottles

    I have a couple of amber straight-side Coca Cola bottles. One of which is a hard to find horseshoe arrow Coke from Louisville, KY. I bought both of these with intentions to resell them. What would a good asking price be for the pair of them? Also, does anyone know any of the history behind the...
  5. K

    Early Coca Cola bottle with interesting marking

    Good afternoon all-- New member here, thanks for having me. I recently bought a vintage Coca Cola bottle with a Lexington, KY stamp (and a smaller, faint 530LS marking underneath). But the most interesting marking is on the bottom of the bottle. In addition to the usual "Coca-Cola"...
  6. 20201229_121309.jpg


    The ACL shelf
  7. H

    Coca-Cola Bottles

    Hi everyone. I’m a little new here and have some of my fathers old coca-cola bottles. He has asked me to find out what they are and if they are valuable at all. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  8. Kmincey77

    Many Bottles & Questions

    The kids and I went on a “treasure hunt” at my MIL’s home this weekend. We believe there use to be a distillery on her property at one time. This is what we found on our first dig. I know what some of these are but there are several I’m clueless about. I have included a couple to begin with. We...
  9. T

    Glass coca cola bottle date

    Hello all, so I have a question about an old coca cola bottle I recently found, and I am running into a condurum, The bottle says PAT D-105529 And the date code says 15 L 48 Now according to what I know about date codes this should be a bottle made in 1915, but my research shows that Pat d...
  10. L

    Full Coca Cola king size Liberty Glass 56 1

    I came across 2 full coke bottles 10 oz with king size lids. The one that is marked L - G 56 1 is Liberty Glass Co. 1956 from what I gather. The 56 looks like it actually was 55 at first but can't find much about that. The stuff that has grown inside this sealed bottle is absolutely disgusting...
  11. Skadman4

    My treasures found in a house built in 1896.

    I was fortunate enough to have permission to remove items from a home that burned. The original house was built in 1896, and has remained in the same family to this day. I'll be posting my finds to this thread as a way to acknowledge their life and my great pleasure in having their moments in...

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