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  1. Hezezilla

    Fragments Dug in East Oahu

    Aloha! I am a fresh newbie so please give me some slack. I am a student at Kalani HS in East Oahu. In my general activities, I've come across a wide variety of glass. The majority is modern but I have noted quite a few exceptions. I recently got permission to dig in the rear portion of the...
  2. M

    Coin identification

    Was out bottle digging found this coin it is exactly the same on both sides no date no stamp just "100" on both sides cannot find it anywhere online if anyone can help be greatly appericated
  3. J

    Double Eagle Whiskey bottle

    I was recently given a few old bottles, one of which is this Double Eagle whiskey bottle. I can't really find any information on it. What little I can find shows a bottle with the words "Pure Rye" stamped on it, this one doesn't. I would like to know if this a genuine old bottle.

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