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  1. PorkDaSnork

    Finds of the day

    Cold (for August) and windy today. Ideal conditions for dump digging. No bugs. Don’t overheat myself. Went digging. 4 new bottles. 2 are the same, both are small and are embossed with CONTENTS: 2 FL OZ in them. Found em next to each other. Then I pulled a small “P.D & Co” Amber bottle with...
  2. WesternPA-collector

    To dig or not to dig?

    There's an area I've known of for a few years that has these depressions in the ground as if someone had been digging down. They don't seem natural. There is an upward hillside to the right and also a downward hillside nearby to the left. The holes in the ground are the in the flat area. I took...
  3. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Digging a river, anyone else have experience?

    I've been digging bottles from the Charles River for a while now. It's been off and on but recently I've ramped it up and gone several times this past week. My questions revolve around the current, clarity, and digging. This part of the Charles is safe to swim but the current is relatively...
  4. M

    349 Buttons In A Hole

    I found all these buttons in a 2 foot X 2 foot hole, along with some suspender clips. The buttons are made of porcelain, wood, shell, and copper/tin. Does anyone have any info on the age of the buttons? There are some flat buttons, there were 2 patent 1855 suspender clips, and there were square...
  5. S

    Help - possible dig in my own backyard

    OK so serious newbie to digging....but I have a strong suspicion that a portion of my backyard was some sort of dump. That part of my property meets an old, designated alleyway and many of the homes around me are 70-120 years old. I routinely pull up bottles, bottle pieces, etc. from the ground...

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