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  1. WesternPA-collector

    1976 Anchor Hocking Pint Bicentennial Jar, still full!

    I'm in a bind with this jar. I found it in the woods like this, with contents still inside. I don't know what is in it. Maybe apple butter? Anyhow, the lid is completely stuck. Nothing I've tried has worked. I'm about ready to get a Dremel tool and cut the lid off. But there's risk in damaging...
  2. WesternPA-collector

    1937 C.C. Soda Bottle

    A few weeks ago I found this bottle. From the looks of it you can see it's been through a LOT. But these bottles were made of very thick heavy glass. Even with all the fleabites, it doesn't have any cracks or chips at all. Made by Owens-Illinois Plant 9 in Streator, IL in 1937. The city of...
  3. WesternPA-collector

    1970 Overmyer Mould Company Flask

    Recently I bought this very unique and rare 1970 50th Anniversary Overmyer Mould Company bottle. It was made for them by the Hillsboro Glass Company in Illinois. The factory existed from 1961-1997. They were actually a subsidiary of Hiram Walker & Sons Distilleries and for this reason, most...
  4. WesternPA-collector

    To dig or not to dig?

    There's an area I've known of for a few years that has these depressions in the ground as if someone had been digging down. They don't seem natural. There is an upward hillside to the right and also a downward hillside nearby to the left. The holes in the ground are the in the flat area. I took...
  5. WesternPA-collector

    1971 Anchor Hocking Season's Greetings Bottle

    Another recent flask I've bought. Just in time for Christmas. This was made at the Anchor Hocking plant in Salem New Jersey. A promotional item for First National Bank. It still even has the original cork. Most of the time those get lost.
  6. WesternPA-collector

    1974 Anchor Hocking Retirement Bottle (43 Years)

    I recently acquired this bottle that was made in 1974 at the Anchor Hocking Lancaster, Ohio plant, given to the late Ralph Newkirk for 43 years of service. It is extremely rare and I cannot find another example of it. Note the 3D look of the bottle and the interesting scene with a man working...
  7. S

    Clicquot Club embossed clear bottle with no number marks

    I used to live in Millis where Clicquot Club was made so when I found this bottle I picked it up for nostalgia reasons. I was researching it and others similar seem to have No 8 or a letter/number on the bottom. Mine has none of these and had some air bubbles in the glass. It says, CELEBRATED...
  8. WesternPA-collector

    Question about "REGISTERED" embossing

    What year did bottles start to have the word "REGISTERED" embossed on them? Was there a law regarding this, which made the bottle makers start putting it on bottles?
  9. WesternPA-collector

    Experimenting with LED light

    Last night I was just trying some bottle lighting scenes and came up with this for ten of my best embossed soda bottles. From left to right, Oakland MD Coke, Whistle 6.5 ounce, Soda from Coca Cola Bottling Charleroi, Hi-Hat Brownsville PA, Howdy Connellsville PA, Bob's Premium King Size...
  10. WesternPA-collector

    Glass maker for Sprite embossed NDNR bottles?

    Today I found my first Sprite bottle worthy of keeping. A 1977 embossed 10 ounce, no deposit, no refill in perfect condition. Problem is, I can't find any logo or glass maker on the bottle. On the bottom it has 77, 226, L, 1191. So who made this bottle? Thanks for any help.
  11. WesternPA-collector

    Howdy and Nehi embossed art-deco bottles

    Today was a bright sunny day so I went out and did some bottle hunting again. Nothing too intense except the embankment was about a 45 degree hillside. It was an area I hadn't searched before because it gets too thick with foliage later in the year. I was going for quality rather than quantity...
  12. WesternPA-collector

    WTS Time to cut down on my collection

    I am looking to move some bottles before the USPS postage rates go up at the end of January (again). I have various Cobalt blue medicine/Milk of Magnesia, amethyst medicine, 3 1950's milk, 2 1950's Charleroi Cokes, 1948 Chlorox, 1950's Seagram's whiskey flask, 1976 Anchor Hocking Moss...
  13. WesternPA-collector

    Valodi Diana Sosborszesz Liniment Bottle

    This is another bottle I found last week in the woods. I looked on Ebay and there's only one of them. On here a search turned up nothing. On the bottom all it has is a "K" and then a number 1 inside the machine mark. Does anyone have one in their collection?
  14. M

    Keen Drinks Satisfy. Need help IDing and Aging

    I purchased 2 Keen bottles from a local antique shop in Bryan, Texas. The bottles have no markings on them except for embossed “Keen” on the sides and “Keen” on the bottom. The best information I have discovered so far is that the Washington County Bottling Corporation...
  15. B

    Over 2500 bottles for 2500$

    I currently have a collection of over 2500 bottles I'm interested in selling the whole lot for a dollar a peice.There's tons of embossed bottles. Quack bottles.embossed sodas. Painted sodas, cokes. Decanters.Embossed milk bottles. 60 blue peicec.12 blue ball jars,poison bottles. Way too many too...
  16. macjxl

    Looking to buy colored milk bottles

    Hi all. I'm collecting Amber & Green embossed milk bottles. Keen to hear from anyone with items that might fit my collection. No irradiated bottles or pyro's thanks.
  17. A

    Emerald Green Drink Hershkowitz's Beverage's Bottle - Need Help!

    Anyone have any possible history on this company or bottle. I haven't located anything. Thanks! New to this site and don't know how to post images. Drink Hershkowitz's Beverages Bottom marked: Stock's Bottling Wks. I and the numbers C22 Also has a capital R in a triangle. Bottom of...

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