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  1. WesternPA-collector

    Green Coke bottle, real or fake?

    First of all I apologize to everyone for being away so long. I have a lot of major life issues I'm dealing with. I don't expect this to change any time soon. But anyhow I was browsing on Ebay and came across this unusual looking 1960 green Coke bottle. I am wondering if it is real or...
  2. J

    Could really use help in confirming ID?

    I think it is possibly a Continental pocket flask as opposed to a Colonial one (because of the carving to flatten around the "teeter points" around the pontil, which I read was something to be found on British flasks). It is daisy within diamond over flutes in design. I have seen this flask in...
  3. N

    Emerald green Illinois glass

    Not a collector, have no idea... would these bottles be something someone would want? Do they have any value? I know they are Owens-Illinois glass. The more unusual shaped bottles are DES PAT 92148. They had eye dropper tops on them, but they were deteriorated. The cylinder shaped ones have...

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