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    Chero-Cola Amber Block Letter - (6.5 Fl Oz) - Perry, FLA.

    Excited to learn as much as possible about this bottle and get it listed in the near future, as well (probably eBay). This Amber Perry, FL Chero-Cola (6.5 Fl Oz) bottle was dug out of a privy in St. Joseph, MO by my dad and the late Antique Bottle connoisseur, Johnnie Fletcher, in May of 2000...
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    Abbott's IV Bottle

    I found this Abbott's IV bottle in the woods along with a vintage glass Gatorade bottle (I'm south of Gainesville where Gatorade was made). It was all in an old refrigerator in the woods. I can't find much info about how to date the bottle. I also would like to know what the indent on the...
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    Florida Blob Top Soda Bottles

    Hey, I recently saw an article in Bottles and Extras about early Florida blob tops. I’ve been putting together a collection of the earliest sodas from each area of the country and am wondering if anyone has leads on a Solary or George H. Emery blob top bottle from Jacksonville. I prefer bottles...

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