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for sale

  1. dh1786

    Not For Joe (woman on bike)Flask

    I would like to sell this but willing to trade for fruit jars/canning jars. looking for the following jars with original bands and inserts: amber atlas ez-seal tin lid for ball patn appld early 1900 ball olives or citron, amber beavers diamond glass half pint tudor rose midget amber...
  2. B

    Bottle show at Ancaster nostalgia show.

    Tomorrow the 12th of October a bottle show and sale will be held at the Ancaster Fair Grounds. It is being held in conjunction with the Ancaster Nostalgia Show. It opens at 10:00 am. There will be as many as 25 tables showing and selling bottles, stoneware, and redware. Please if you are in the...

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