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  1. Soda

    Full 1915-1923 Chero Cola bottle from eBay!

    I paid only 20 dollars for it. I myself couldnt believe the price, especially for a full example of its age (it did come from a non collector, which definitely had something to do with it ;D). It is however missing the label, which I'm buying soon. If anyone knows how to apply the labels to the...
  2. Soda

    1953 Nehi Bottle *Near mint!*

    Found for $10 dollars at an antique shop in Texarkana, TX!
  3. WesternPA-collector

    Mexican Coke and Sprite Bottles

    Today at the grocery store I noticed they were selling singles and 4-packs of glass Coke and Sprite bottles. And the wording on them is in Spanish. I wasn't sure what to make of that. I bought a Sprite out of curiosity and went home to find out more info about this online. It turns out the...

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