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  1. J

    Caw's ink, NY

    I'm helping with an estate and came across this little bottle. I'm curious if anyone can give me info, especially approximate age and value? I don't want to toss something of value, but there is a lot of stuff and I only collect Mason jars! It seems to have an iridescent paint or glaze on the...
  2. UnderMiner

    Tooled Seltzer, Ink, Med, etc. (July 9th 2023)

    Today's finds (all BIM): From left to right: 1. Richert's Pharmacy 2. Evers-Rehm Co. 419-421-423 E. 24th St. NEW York (In small print: "B.&M. S. CO" Bottler's & Manufacturer's Supply Company of Long Island City, New York, circa 1897-1920). 3. Ink "Fill Only To Here" 4. The little white thing...
  3. Vitreous Stone Bottle

    Vitreous Stone Bottle

    This is a 32oz stoneware ink bottle with a rolled rubber stopper. It was produced for J. Bourne & Son, and P. & J. Arnold, near Derby, London, Great Britian. It dates from about 1890-1910.
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  7. botttlesRclankin247

    Beautiful Snap top INK bottle

    Was very lucky today. Found this beautifu teall snap top/shear top ink bottle if anyone has any info or interested in it message me!
  8. M

    Blue Ink or Glue Bottle

    I found this bottle last week and haven't had a lot of luck figuring it out. By the size and shape I am guessing glue or ink, and early 1900s. Is that right? Appears to be machine made. Makers mark looks to be one of the following: "A I J", "A+J", or "A t J". Does anyone recognize that mark or...
  9. mikeodigs

    L. B. M. Co Ink bottle

    I'm not finding any information on L. B. M. Co. . found in Little Rock, Ark thanks for any help mikeo digs bottles @ youtube
  10. B

    Info Anyone?

    I recently stumbled across an old dump site in the woods behind my house. In the last couple weeks, I've pulled out around 50 bottles. Today, I found this (ink?) bottle and I can't seem to find anything out about it online. It says "Crescent Products" on the bottom, found in southern central...

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