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  1. Slabbing N Cabbing

    My collection so far.. for sale

    Hello my name is Nicholas. I am fascinated with vintage glass from North America. Here is my collection of insulators, that I gathered in the last couple months. Please let me know if you want one of these more than I.. they are for sale. Please message me if interested. Thanks.
  2. Slabbing N Cabbing

    Howdy from Montana...

    Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Nicholas and I’m from Montana.. I got the glass bug when I was hiking/ hunting, and found a purple solarized glass bottle bottom. Since then I have been collecting bottles from the Yellowstone river. I have been fascinated with old American...
  3. Brookfield New York Insulator  (2).JPG

    Brookfield New York Insulator (2).JPG

  4. B

    Funny little insulator anybody recognize it.

    Found this little porcelain insulator, or I think it is an insulator. It has threads inside, it shows wear on the top and bottom, perhaps this is from sitting on my desk and others. I don't know if that is a letter on the side or a glaze miss. It stands 2 3/16 x 2 1/8 at the largest diameter...
  5. woods_walker

    New YouTube Video! Bottle hunting in northern Michigan. New video just uploaded! Come watch me find bottles, marbles, insulators & beach glass! I don't post very often but i do have a small selection of videos on my channel to check out. I have found some nice stuff in the past but not...
  6. WesternPA-collector

    B&O porcelain Insulator

    I just received this today but don't know a whole lot about the CD# or what company made it. It's the first insulator I have with a railroad actually imprinted onto it. It came from Deer Park, Maryland and was used on a 440 volt power line for the older color position light signals. Has anyone...
  7. Tombstone Brick

    Arizona insulators

    Here in Arizona no one really collects. Here's a few someone gave me. I melt them to make lighting fixtures.
  8. CreekWalker

    Post your insulator related Christmas present.

    I received this great book for a Christmas present ,one I have wanted, and have been hinting around for , since my insulator hunts , back in the fall. Mr. Sulzer wrote a series of ghost railroad books for several states including Illinois and Indiana. I realize, not many members received...

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