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  1. B

    Funny little insulator anybody recognize it.

    Found this little porcelain insulator, or I think it is an insulator. It has threads inside, it shows wear on the top and bottom, perhaps this is from sitting on my desk and others. I don't know if that is a letter on the side or a glaze miss. It stands 2 3/16 x 2 1/8 at the largest diameter...
  2. woods_walker

    New YouTube Video! Bottle hunting in northern Michigan.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ald0uRR8OA&t=1s New video just uploaded! Come watch me find bottles, marbles, insulators & beach glass! I don't post very often but i do have a small selection of videos on my channel to check out. I have found some nice stuff in the past but not...
  3. WesternPA-collector

    B&O porcelain Insulator

    I just received this today but don't know a whole lot about the CD# or what company made it. It's the first insulator I have with a railroad actually imprinted onto it. It came from Deer Park, Maryland and was used on a 440 volt power line for the older color position light signals. Has anyone...
  4. Tombstone Brick

    Arizona insulators

    Here in Arizona no one really collects. Here's a few someone gave me. I melt them to make lighting fixtures.
  5. CreekWalker

    Post your insulator related Christmas present.

    I received this great book for a Christmas present ,one I have wanted, and have been hinting around for , since my insulator hunts , back in the fall. Mr. Sulzer wrote a series of ghost railroad books for several states including Illinois and Indiana. I realize, not many members received...

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