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  1. UnderMiner

    1 Pt. Stoneware Jugs, Clay Pipe, Clay Marbles, etc. (June 15th 2023)

    Scored a number of firsts today down at the 1924-capped landfill. Found my first complete 1 Pt. whiskey jug and then a second even nicer 1 Pt. whiskey jug. Found my first 19th century clay pipe bowl fragment, stamped: "Dublin Pipe No. 1". Scored this huge clay marble, a shooter, as well...
  2. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Crock Jugs

    For a while, I had a good run of pulling either a whole or a partial jug from the mud every time I went out picking on the river. The streak has broken but I was wondering if anyone recognizes these jugs and has any information about them. I am missing individual photos for the fourth jug, I've...
  3. B

    I.Brickman, wholesale liquors, Montgomery Alabama

    My wife and myself did a little road trip to Montreal stopping in various small shops along the way. We stopped in Smith Falls at a junk shop and found this whiskey jug from Montgomery Alabama. I did not buy it at the time and went on to Montreal did our little trip and a little research on...

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