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  1. S

    Identify date for Kearns Mason Jar

    I have a Mason jar that I believe was made by Geo W Kearns between 1860 and 1868. But it could have been in the 1870s by Kearns and Gorsuch. I would appreciate feedback. Here are the identifying marks and photos. I put white paper inside the jar for some of the photos and black material for one...
  2. Mason Jars I've found

    Mason Jars I've found

    They're mostly Ball jars and Atlas/Mason Jars.
  3. Pat. Nov. 30th 1858 Masons Jar

    Pat. Nov. 30th 1858 Masons Jar

    This jar is hand tooled and sports a grounded screw top lip. It has the original patent date of Nov. 30th 1858 embossed on the front.
  4. WesternPA-collector

    1976 Anchor Hocking Pint Bicentennial Jar, still full!

    I'm in a bind with this jar. I found it in the woods like this, with contents still inside. I don't know what is in it. Maybe apple butter? Anyhow, the lid is completely stuck. Nothing I've tried has worked. I'm about ready to get a Dremel tool and cut the lid off. But there's risk in damaging...
  5. botttlesRclankin247

    WTS/WTT WTS 1890-1910 Mason Jar

    1890-1910 Beautiful half gallon green ball Tripple L Mason jar. 100% real I dug this jar up. Has awesome bubbles and good color. No chips or cracks. Normal wear for age either get ahold of me on here or by email ( serious inquiries only. I might trade to will ship.
  6. E

    Finding Blue Ball Jar

    How hard is it to find a 1/2 gallon Square Blue Ball Mason Jar? I have a quart and pint looking for a 1/2 gallon. My wife's Grandmother has 2 but she won't part with one says they belonged to her Mother or Grandmother. When where they produced would also help. Thanks
  7. CreekWalker

    New member needs info on Mason Jar.

    I reposted this for the a new member. Who needs info on a mason jar.
  8. J

    Jar only says mason

    I found an old canning jar with a sharp edge at the top, says only 'mason' diagonally and has a symbol I haven't seen before. It's light aqua, has a 2 on the bottom, has some bubbles, but has a seam that seems to go all the way to the top. Different shape than most of mine, maybe similar to the...

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