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medicine bottle

  1. New England Digger

    Replace a Label or Keep with bottle?

    Hi All: I have a couple of bottles (1 bottle - 1 ink) that the label has dried and come loose from the bottle. I have the labels (see photo) and can't decide whether to reattach the label, or just keep it with the bottle. If I choose to reattach, any suggestions on what to use and how to...
  2. Tyler0212

    DR. Kilmers Swamp Root bottle

    Hey, I recently dug up this old bottle. Wondering if there’s much value or if it is a sought after piece at all. Thanks.
  3. botttlesRclankin247

    WTS Wts breinic fronfield co's cattle liniment bottle

    Beautiful rare BREINIC FRONFIELD & CO's CATTLE LINIMENT embossed on front, PHILADA embossed on the left side , and F.A NILLER, embossed on right side of bottle Has awesome lines from being blown and good bubbles. Little chip on lip but I looks like it was done when they blew the bottle. I...

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