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  1. DNArielle

    Anyone recognize this makers mark?

    ST slanted 8 L 4 Having trouble searching for this one!
  2. C

    Two new finds all cleaned up!

    Two new ones I found one on a property with an old abandoned home place on it and the other where an old road used to be !
  3. K

    1876 Wholesale Druggists' Catalog by Geo. A. Kelly & Co/B.A. Fahnestock & Co

    Hi all, I wanted to share a recently found treasure with you, my fellow collectors, who I'm sure would appreciate the value and history combined in this unbelievably nice little 134 page booklet I acquired this past weekend! I didn't know where exactly to post this in the forum, as I am into a...
  4. S

    Info on Godfreys Cordial

    Hi all, and thank you for a wonderful Resource. I'm relatively new to the hobby and am slightly familiar with the 19th century Godfreys cordially bottles. But wish more info Regarding the bottle this bottle Pre 1906 act, as there is no mention? I look forward To replies...
  5. C

    Bottle #2/#3 - need help dating them

    I got these two with 2 others from an antique store. Both appear to be machine made dating them after the 1900's. The bigger one, lets call this bottle A, I feel like it's older because it has almost a "swirl" imperfection built into the glass, it feels thicker, has more imperfections built into...

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