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  1. woods_walker

    Cork tops & Commons

    Threw together another bottle digging video yesterday. All the video clips are from a video I started in the spring and never got around to finishing until yesterday! It’s a short video with some common finds in it but it’s still enjoyable to watch none the less. My favorite finds were a small...
  2. woods_walker

    Almost gave up and found a pre pro Detroit beer bottle

    Hey guys first post here. Thought my digging days were over for the year as it gets pretty cold and snowy here in northern Michigan this time of year. With a little bit of warmer temps and melting snow I decided to go dig some bottles after work. I went to my usual spot which is tough digging...
  3. D

    Looking for bottles from Dexter, Michigan

    I'm looking for any bottles (milk, pharmacy, etc.) from Dexter, Michigan, if anyone has any that they are willing to sell. I collect other antique advertising items from my town as well. Thanks.
  4. B

    "Independent" Beer or Soda - Flint, Michigan

    Wondering about this bottle... It's machine made, I suppose from the 1920s or so based on association with other bottles. I have two, one is clear, the other lightly aqua. It's embossed on two sides with "Independent" "7 ozs." On the bottom on one side it's got the "This Bottle is Never...

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