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  1. M

    I'm new and I have a new (to me) bottle

    Hi! I am a native of Shreveport, La. I am not really a bottle collector, but I have been in the estate sale busi ess for 17 years, so I try to know at least a little bit about a whole lot of things. I recent years I have been picking up most of the bottles I find that we're made here in...
  2. R

    New Orleans Glass Bottles

    Hi all, I live on Bayou St. John in New Orleans and started digging in my backyard after finding pieces of hand painted tea cups. My house was built in 1911. I have since found a ton of glass bottles that seem to date to around 1930. I would love any addition information ya'll could provide. I...
  3. Hestia

    Odd 2oz Ball jar anyone?

    I found this guy under my house. It’s an odd size and also has odd threading pattern on its lip. I know they can be dated by the different “Ball” logo styles, but it’s juuust a little too small to clearly see it.
  4. Hestia

    Help ID this stoneware bottle?

    I found this while digging in my back yard. (I live in New Orleans, 9th Ward) It was about 18” deep and it’s location was likely the site of the privy. I can’t quite make out the stamp but my best guess is “H KENNEDY 8 GLASGOW”. Anyone have a better guess? I’m so curious about it!
  5. B

    New Orleans Medicine on eBay... My A Schriener on eBay. Spread the word to your medicine collecting pals :) Mike B.:cool:
  6. B

    New Orleans Seltzer, CHEAP :) Don't know if anyone collects Seltzers, but this is one I dug up yesterday. A lot of case wear, a flea bite above the acid etching, and a chip off the base. Have a looksee.:cool:
  7. B

    Is it a Medicine or a Bitters?

    This is a dark aqua A Schriener N O (New Orleans) bottle I dug up in 7th Ward in New Orleans. It was featured on Peachridge Glass's website where Marianne Dow said it was listed in the Bitters Encyclopedia by Ring and Ham as being a bitters. However, there is some kerfuffle as it appears to be...

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