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new york

  1. Eddie6GS

    Sammis & Hertz Cream Soda Bottle

    I found this bottle quite some time ago, and have been unable to turn up any additional info on it. It is embossed across the front with "Sammis & Hertz, Hampstead L.I" and on the back it has "Cream Soda." I can't even seem to find the location of Hampstead. Other than a town in New York named...
  2. DavidW

    Lancaster Glass Works NY blob soda bottles

    Hi all, I bought an aqua example of this bottle at a show recently and (as always happens) it piqued my curiosity for more detailed information, so.... just wanted to post a query on the soda bottles marked "LANCASTER GLASS WORKS / N.Y." with the "XX" markings. I know they are found in aqua...
  3. S

    Sweet Hollow Creamery Farmingdale L.I. - Looking to purchase

    Looking to purchase a milk bottle (or any other item) from the Sweet Hollow Creamery out of Farmingdale L.I. New York.

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