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  1. UnderMiner

    Rare Shell Motor Oil Bottle, Three Blobs, and A Couple Milks

    All excavated today in one of the most exhausting hunts of the season, all in a muddy swamp. From left to right: Willow Brook Dairy, Reid's Union Dairy Ice Cream Corp. "It's The Best", Shell Motor Oil, G. Wm. Meyer, August Bay Bottling Co., and the Mini Blob is from the Union Bottling Company...
  2. b.ecollects

    Old Car Oil Bottle

    I have this old oil bottle that I received in a bottle lot. It says on the face of the spout "The Master MFG.CO Litchhell ILL Paid. Sept 14, 1926" I had my mechanic buddy look at it and he confirmed that mechanics used to use bottles like this back in the day for storing car oil and drippings...

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