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  1. PorkDaSnork


    hey found a Richard Hudnut New York bottle. what’s the value, and who made the bottle? no chips or cracks btw.
  2. PorkDaSnork

    Finds of the day

    Cold (for August) and windy today. Ideal conditions for dump digging. No bugs. Don’t overheat myself. Went digging. 4 new bottles. 2 are the same, both are small and are embossed with CONTENTS: 2 FL OZ in them. Found em next to each other. Then I pulled a small “P.D & Co” Amber bottle with...
  3. PorkDaSnork

    The finds of one dump I’ve been working on for many years.

    Pic one and 2 are embossed Pic 3 is blank bottles. Pics 4 and 5 are metal and plaster bottles. Metal 2 are shaving stIcks, larger plaster bottle is cheese, smaller plaster is blank. have also found a multitude of items including a Diamond Jubilee pin from 1927, a spoon, a knife, a toy...
  4. PorkDaSnork

    Teeny bottle

    Found this midget bottle a while ago. Have always wondered what was in it. Of course, it’s unmarked so I’ll never know EXACTLY what was in it. It’s around 1.5 inches tall, found in Georgian Bay Area.
  5. M

    Baby & Hanrahan Windsor Ontario Bottle

    I dug this with a friend a few months ago. I believe this may be an uncommon bottle. Does anybody know how rare or valuable it is? I wouldn't sell it, I just want to know more. A good person found this link for me on Treasurenet...

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