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  1. J

    Unique Embossed 7up

    Found this Unique early 7up bottle at a show in Daphne, AL. Odd embossing pattern with what I’m calling a “stretched teardrop” with the 7up logo too. Heal of Bottle Reads: Orange Crush Bottling Co G 5270 Bottom Reads: Gulfport, Miss 1 Contents 7 OZS If anyone has any other...
  2. L

    WTT or WTB Orange Crush Bottle Caps

    Hello everyone I know this group is for soda bottle collectors however wasn’t sure if any of you happen to also be bottle cap collectors? I am a young collector and just got back into collecting. I collect any/all Crush soda bottle caps from any country/region and try to stick to buying ones...
  3. 20201229_121403.jpg


    Another local Orange Crush and a local Franklin Dairy milk.
  4. 20201229_121324.jpg


    Local Orange Crush Bottle
  5. CreekWalker

    Weekend finds , enbossed soda hole, and earlier hole with second pontil found.

    We started a hole after probing the back lot of a 1920's property. Found several undamaged embossed local sodas dating to the 1940's and several food bottles and a couple of colored fruit jars. One of the ketchup is embossed "TANGY" has a Prioff top, and was marked Brooks. We moved back...

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