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  1. S

    Rare Pepsi bottle

    Hi guys, I found this bottle in a river in England but can't seem to find a comparison online. Is it rare? I'd love to know more, including value, even though I don't plan on selling it. Just want to know if I should take special care of it. Many thanks Simon (London) 'Si-finds' on Youtube
  2. K

    Patio by Pepsi Bottles

    I have several glass Patio by Pepsi Bottles to sell for a charity, where could I get the best estimate on price, as I don't want to undersell... Any information would be appreciated! Thank you, Kristen
  3. B

    PEPSI or BRADY Bottles from PEORIA, IL (WANTED)

    I am interested in buying any items from "Brady Bottling Co. Peoria, IL" (Cream Soda, Mil-k-Botl, Pepsi, etc.) or "Pepsi Bottling Co. Peoria, IL". (Below are a few examples of what I am looking for.) I am also interested in talking to anyone who knows anything about the history of either of...
  4. S

    Help - possible dig in my own backyard

    OK so serious newbie to digging....but I have a strong suspicion that a portion of my backyard was some sort of dump. That part of my property meets an old, designated alleyway and many of the homes around me are 70-120 years old. I routinely pull up bottles, bottle pieces, etc. from the ground...
  5. I

    Want to buy Bradham Pharmacy bottle

    If anyone has a Bradham Pharmacy bottle from New Bern, NC, any size for sale, I am looking for one. Please do not hesitate to contact me at Idoodit2@excite.com with photo if possible. Thanks!!
  6. B

    First post! Can't find much on this pepsi bottle. LGW. COBLE . PROPERTY OF PEPSI COLA

    Hi All, I just got this pepsi bottle. I am having trouble finding much info on it. It says "COBLE" on the neck, PROPERTY OF PEPSI COLA accross the bottom. The bottom stamp is as below. 1 LGW 12 OZS There is no stylized pattern on it really, all block letters. The only thing I have seen is...

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