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  1. PorkDaSnork

    Teeny bottle

    Found this midget bottle a while ago. Have always wondered what was in it. Of course, it’s unmarked so I’ll never know EXACTLY what was in it. It’s around 1.5 inches tall, found in Georgian Bay Area.
  2. Zack Hartsog

    I inherited a horde, now what?

    My grand parents both recently past and I moved into their home. Bless them both but they kept everything. Including anything glass. I now have hundreds of mostly unidentified bottles. Everything from odd medicines and soda to a "poison bottle". Forgive me and my ignorance while i post these...
  3. D

    Green Antrol bottle

    I need help dating this green Antrol bottle. On the bottom it has the number 28 then the company logo and then the number 9.
  4. T

    What kind of Poison?

    So a friend brought me this beautiful cobalt blue bottle labeled "POISON" that has these triangle tablets in it. Google search lead me to this forum. I'm hoping someone can tell me something about 1) the bottle and 2) what is in it. I took a few pictures: I'd appreciate any information...
  5. WesternPA-collector

    Poison Hobnail Bottle?

    On a recent excursion I found this clear hobnail bottle that is different from any other bottles in my collection. Most of the time I only find these bottles in pieces. It is about 6 5/8 inches tall and has the Owens-Illinois diamond and O entwined with an I in center. To the left of it is a 7...
  6. C

    Just dug today a Cobalt poison embossed 4" 3 sider...value?

    Just dug this today and was hoping one of y'all can give me some history info and maybe an accurate-ish value of this poison embossed bottle from the owl drug co?
  7. D

    Bowkers insecticide stoneware with lid...

    I recently acquired this,seen some similar but non with this particular label. Any input as to its value?
  8. M

    The Texas Cotton Worm Destroyer

    The bottle says: " THE CONTENTS OF THIS IS POISON! THE TEXAS Cotton Worm Destroyer Patented May 19, 1874. No. 151,078. DIRECTIONS:- Dissolve the contents of this bottle in one barrel (say 42 gallons), of cold water and apply to the plant. When convenient, it is preferable to use it late in the...

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