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  1. botttlesRclankin247

    Beautiful Snap top INK bottle

    Was very lucky today. Found this beautifu teall snap top/shear top ink bottle if anyone has any info or interested in it message me!
  2. botttlesRclankin247

    WTS Wts breinic fronfield co's cattle liniment bottle

    Beautiful rare BREINIC FRONFIELD & CO's CATTLE LINIMENT embossed on front, PHILADA embossed on the left side , and F.A NILLER, embossed on right side of bottle Has awesome lines from being blown and good bubbles. Little chip on lip but I looks like it was done when they blew the bottle. I...
  3. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Any point in keeping blank pre-1900 bottles?

    I have quite a few pre-1900 bottles with no markings lying around, is there any interest in these? If someone wants them I would be glad to send them, but I imagine interest is low. Here's a photo. They haven't been cleaned yet as I usually just throw them out.
  4. M

    The Texas Cotton Worm Destroyer

    The bottle says: " THE CONTENTS OF THIS IS POISON! THE TEXAS Cotton Worm Destroyer Patented May 19, 1874. No. 151,078. DIRECTIONS:- Dissolve the contents of this bottle in one barrel (say 42 gallons), of cold water and apply to the plant. When convenient, it is preferable to use it late in the...

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