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  1. H

    Coca-Cola Bottles

    Hi everyone. I’m a little new here and have some of my fathers old coca-cola bottles. He has asked me to find out what they are and if they are valuable at all. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  2. bballmes20

    How much could this be worth?

    . I recently came across this beautiful intact Vaseline jar on a recent dig. I'm pretty new to bottle digging and was wondering if anyone could tell me what this could be worth? Thanks!
  3. WesternPA-collector

    Anchor Hocking Bottle Book

    I just picked up this Anchor Hocking Commemorative Bottles book on Ebay at a great price. Lots of color photo examples of bottles in it, including info about the Royal Ruby Red series. I call it a dream book, though I do own some of the bottles in it. There's even price estimates on the bottles.

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