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  1. WesternPA-collector

    B&O porcelain Insulator

    I just received this today but don't know a whole lot about the CD# or what company made it. It's the first insulator I have with a railroad actually imprinted onto it. It came from Deer Park, Maryland and was used on a 440 volt power line for the older color position light signals. Has anyone...
  2. T

    Masons Root Beer find...

    Out walking an old railroad line with my 3yr old son a bit ago, he was riding up on my shoulders. He spotted this and we brought it home and it cleaned up ok. I was amazed at how heavy the bottle is. Thick glass! My boy has found a few other bottles and definitely has an eagle eye! My only...
  3. CreekWalker

    Post your insulator related Christmas present.

    I received this great book for a Christmas present ,one I have wanted, and have been hinting around for , since my insulator hunts , back in the fall. Mr. Sulzer wrote a series of ghost railroad books for several states including Illinois and Indiana. I realize, not many members received...

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