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  1. Antiques214

    Hard to Find Coca Cola Straight Side Bottles

    I have a couple of amber straight-side Coca Cola bottles. One of which is a hard to find horseshoe arrow Coke from Louisville, KY. I bought both of these with intentions to resell them. What would a good asking price be for the pair of them? Also, does anyone know any of the history behind the...
  2. Ivantessmer

    Help identify Glass Coke Bottle

    I found a glass Coke Cola Bottle that is sealed with no soda pop inside. The cap is white and has a Football on it. I'm guessing this is a special addition and may be rare? The imprints on the bottom of the bottle are, (B) 8 91 10. I would like to know any information you have about this bottle...
  3. S

    Rare Pepsi bottle

    Hi guys, I found this bottle in a river in England but can't seem to find a comparison online. Is it rare? I'd love to know more, including value, even though I don't plan on selling it. Just want to know if I should take special care of it. Many thanks Simon (London) 'Si-finds' on Youtube
  4. Soda

    Full 1915-1923 Chero Cola bottle from eBay!

    I paid only 20 dollars for it. I myself couldnt believe the price, especially for a full example of its age (it did come from a non collector, which definitely had something to do with it ;D). It is however missing the label, which I'm buying soon. If anyone knows how to apply the labels to the...
  5. allamericandiggers

    Son found this Rare Burlington NC Hutch

    My son wanted me to post this Burlington NC Hutch Bottle to see if anyone has a value on it. Its in the hutchbook.com as rare, 10 or less. Thanks for the help !! HH :)
  6. I

    Early James Keiller Marmalade Jar?

    Hi Folks, New member here. I’m trying to figure out the date of this Keiller Marmalade jar. I can’t find any similar ones online. From my research I discovered that the company was established in 1797 and became “James Keiller and Sons” in 1828. Does the fact that “and sons” is missing from my...

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