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    Digging a river, anyone else have experience?

    I've been digging bottles from the Charles River for a while now. It's been off and on but recently I've ramped it up and gone several times this past week. My questions revolve around the current, clarity, and digging. This part of the Charles is safe to swim but the current is relatively...
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    Last Thursday and Saturday's finds from the river

    Picked up some common, but still fun stuff from the river this past Thursday, Saturday, and earlier today. Here's a picture of what I pulled on Thursday. Notable finds are Mrs. Chapin's Salad Dressing from ~1915, Dr. Swett's Root Beer, Carr China with a Willowware pattern, and the partial...
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    Cleaning gunk from the river

    Hello, I am new to this forum but I have been collecting for about 7 years now. The majority of people here tend to dig for their bottles, I snorkel for them in the Charles River. I have always had an issue with a black scale-like substance covering the outside and inside of bottles I fish out...

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