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  1. 1895 Bolen & Byrne Soda Bottle

    1895 Bolen & Byrne Soda Bottle

    This blob top soda bottle was made for Bolen & Byrne of 423rd East 54th street NYC in 1895. It most likely contained ginger ale. B&B purported to have been the first sellers of ginger ale in the USA starting in 1857, though this claim is difficult to substantiate. They declared bankruptcy in 1903.
  2. Lehing's Beverages Quality Supreme

    Lehing's Beverages Quality Supreme

    This is a Lehing's Beverages soda bottle from 1924. The company operated at 404-406 Jackson Ave. Long Island City N.Y.
  3. UnderMiner

    Rare Shell Motor Oil Bottle, Three Blobs, and A Couple Milks

    All excavated today in one of the most exhausting hunts of the season, all in a muddy swamp. From left to right: Willow Brook Dairy, Reid's Union Dairy Ice Cream Corp. "It's The Best", Shell Motor Oil, G. Wm. Meyer, August Bay Bottling Co., and the Mini Blob is from the Union Bottling Company...
  4. WesternPA-collector

    Green Coke bottle, real or fake?

    First of all I apologize to everyone for being away so long. I have a lot of major life issues I'm dealing with. I don't expect this to change any time soon. But anyhow I was browsing on Ebay and came across this unusual looking 1960 green Coke bottle. I am wondering if it is real or...
  5. B

    Mexican 'M.R. Pop' soda bottle . . .

    Found this Mexican soda bottle in a creek (pacific nw) recently. the small type reads: 'hecho en mexico' on one side, and 'contenido neto 355 ml' on the other. 2 numbers on the bottom: 9 (or 6) and 15. Very cool star pattern all over lower 2/3 of the bottle. I think this bottle would be 50s or...
  6. C

    Sudbury Ontario Bottles

    Hey everyone. I’m a digger and collector from Sudbury Ontario. I’m always looking to add Sudbury bottles to my collection. If there’s any out there for sale or trade please let me know! I’ve attached some pictures of a few of my bottles
  7. UnderMiner

    My First Pontil Soda

    This is my first and only intact pontil soda bottle. It was made for Robinson, Charlesworth & Tryner of 376 Bowery, Manhattan NYC, some time between 1848-1853. I found it on short notice at low tide just before the sun set over the horizon one summer day in 2020. It has a rust ring in the pontil...
  8. shadeone

    My Frostie Root Beer Bottle Collection On Ebay!

    Selling my "complete as far as I know" collection of Frostie Root Beer bottles through 1960.
  9. PterodactOwl

    Found Five 1980s Soda Bottles (Like Perfect Condition)

    So, I work in an old building at my university, and I have this odd key that opens up two separate rooms; one room I use often (which is why I was given the key), the other room I had never seen open before. I got bored last night at work, so I decided to unlock the door and go inside. I swear...
  10. FreeRangeAsparagus

    July's Trip - Partials and Sodas

    The last time I went picking was July. Work has been so hectic, I haven't been since. I'm hoping I can go once more before the water gets too cold. Mostly slicks and partials but I got a few good ones. Jensen's Wayside Dairy, Shrewsbury Partial J. Cahm & Son, Boston Shawmut Ginger Ale...
  11. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Shawmut Soda Bottle

    I have found two bottles that say "Shawmut" on the side. They were produced by P.J. McCarthy & Sons out of Sherborn MA and couldn't have been any later than 1941 as that company shut down when the US' involvement in WWII began. P.J. McCarthy & Sons started in 1912 and was mainly a cider mill...
  12. WesternPA-collector

    Found a (Howdy) Blue Bird!

    Another bottle in a long line of heart-breakers. I came across this embossed Howdy bottle that had Blue Bird and Cherry Blossom on it. I've never seen one like this before.
  13. WesternPA-collector

    The history of soda pop

    I happened to see this article on Collectors Weekly and found it very interesting. I am a member there and hope it's okay to share it here. Should be very helpful to those who are into old soda bottles.
  14. WesternPA-collector

    Too damaged to bring home but worth some photos

    I wanted to show some photos of various bottles I've come across in the past few weeks while out in the woods. They are all either broken or have bad labels but I wanted to document what is out there. For those unaware, I post photos of my good bottles in albums here...
  15. WesternPA-collector

    Mexican Coke and Sprite Bottles

    Today at the grocery store I noticed they were selling singles and 4-packs of glass Coke and Sprite bottles. And the wording on them is in Spanish. I wasn't sure what to make of that. I bought a Sprite out of curiosity and went home to find out more info about this online. It turns out the...
  16. B

    Paris Soda Water Co. Toronto

    Went to Southworks today in Cambridge Ont., and found this soda bottle. Paris Soda Water Co., M. Saltier Prop. Toronto it has the Star of David as it's trade mark. Nice bottle, similar to the trademark of John O'Connor Toronto. Apparently a rare bottle as I have never seen one in over forty...
  17. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Nocafeen Bottle

    This is a bottle I fished out of the Charles a few years ago. I have found almost nothing about it online, even here there is only one thread about it from 2006. Apart from that there are a handful of old eBay listings, but they are all dead links or they link to the results page for "caffeine."...
  18. C

    Coca-Cola Coke Colonial Pale Dry Pat'd 1923 - Need Information

    Does anyone know the history, age, value of these bottles? I picked up some recently but can't find much about them. My best guess is Coca-Cola soda water but I'd love to know more about these. It has the patent date of Nov. 6, 1923 embossed below the word Colonial on the shoulder. Near the...
  19. WesternPA-collector

    WTS Time to cut down on my collection

    I am looking to move some bottles before the USPS postage rates go up at the end of January (again). I have various Cobalt blue medicine/Milk of Magnesia, amethyst medicine, 3 1950's milk, 2 1950's Charleroi Cokes, 1948 Chlorox, 1950's Seagram's whiskey flask, 1976 Anchor Hocking Moss...
  20. B

    Red Rock Soda Bottle - Please Identify

    I found this bottle and can't locate any info on it. Does anyone know when it was made and what it held? It is clear and has Red Rock embossed across the shoulder. It also has ATL. GA. and 7 oz on the bottom. Thank you!

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