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straight side

  1. M

    straight side coke help

    I have two ss cokes Cartersville,Ga should script with arched "bottling co." on base. I can't find any pictures or information on any others similar hopefully someone might have some info on the correct wording and value possibly. thanks for your help
  2. 1

    New Decatur Alabama , Amber Straight side Coca Cola Bottle on Ebay

    Hello , I'm new here ,, I was wondering on an opion of an Amber Straight side New Decatur Shoulder script Bottle for sale on EBay !! from what I understand they are quite rare ,, and that one looks in nice shape with no cracks ,, they are asking $450 obo ,, and wondered if it was worth it or...
  3. H

    Started collecting local straight side Coca-Colas...

    I live in Augusta, GA and have recently started collecting Georgia and South Carolina Straight Side Cokes. I love the early bottle colors and variations. Would love to see any other Straight side Coca-Cola bottles from your collection if you would like to share them here. If you have any...

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